Relationships are the reason we are in this business, and why our clients work with us over and over again. Read more from our clients below.

Jim Harris, CEO, USECU
Total Quality Consulting Client for 10 years

Like so many of Total Quality Consulting’s clients, it all started with a phone call from Doug Duong, President/CEO, introducing himself. And 13 years later, the relationship continues to produce successful long-term results.

”As he networks, Doug is a good salesman for us,” says Jim Harris, CEO of UESCU. “Doug can pique the interest of someone who may not think they are looking. We have high standards at USECU and we are willing to take the necessary time to hire the right candidate. Over time as Doug has helped us to build our team, we are now in the enviable position to be able to withstand any interruptions, if necessary, when someone leaves.”

Developing a partnership and a relationship is the cornerstone of Total Quality Consulting’s unique, proprietary process. “I’ve worked with a large industry recruiter and there was absolutely no connection with the person who was doing the search,” says Jim. “Most recruiters use the same process of quantity versus quality. With Total Quality Consulting the process is completely different. It’s based on relationships, success, and a long-term partnership, with both clients and candidates. Doug is more attuned to repeat business. He checks back in to see how things are going. That helps him to know who we are, understand our culture, and ultimately, be able to hire on fit.”


Darin Guggenheimer, CEO, Burbank City CU
Total Quality Consulting Client for 12 years

Like many Total Quality Consulting clients, it was a phone call from Doug Duong that started a long and productive relationship. “We’ve had a successful, 15-year working relationship that started with that first call from Doug.” When Darin Guggenheimer became the CEO at Burbank City, he found himself with 4 key management positions to fill. Based on the rapport that had been built, Darin called Total Quality Consulting for assistance.

“We’ve looked at other firms in the past but their processes are traditional and impersonal – exactly what you’d expect. Doug’s process is very different. There’s more discovery that goes into developing his focus.”  And that’s because long before the first call for recruiting assistance, Doug has invested time in getting to know the CEO and the organization. He learns what the culture is like and how the organization operates. That means that clients don’t receive a laundry list of “close fit” candidates.

Doug is selective with the credit unions he works with. “I like that he doesn’t work with just anyone,” Darin says, “Doug works only with strong organizations that expect the candidates he recommends to be of the same high quality.” “Quality, honesty, and expeditious are words I would use to describe Total Quality Consulting. Doug is very quick to deliver top quality candidates that meet our high standards. He is genuinely interested in my success and that of my credit union.”


Ruben Hernandez, Candidate
Total Quality Consulting Client/Candidate for 13 years

“My career has skyrocketed since working with Sonya Belton at Total Quality Consulting!” says Ruben Hernandez.

Ruben was working for a biotech company – his first job out of college – when he received a random call from Sonya Belton. She had heard about Ruben through her extensive network and wanted to talk to him about an opportunity in the food industry. “But I’m a scientist!” said Ruben, “Though I also like to explore the unknown.” So he took the challenge, and with Sonya’s help and coaching, landed his next position in the food industry with Bumblebee. Ruben learned the industry and was promoted. Sonya kept in touch with him along the way. “Sonya reached out to me now and then to see how things were going and to learn about the new things I was doing, as I was in my first supervisory role. It was great to have that lifeline.” After a few years at Bumblebee, Ruben was ready to explore a management role and called Sonya, who connected him with his next employer, Fresh and Easy. Now working for Kraft Foods, Ruben is pleased with how his career has progressed. Ruben has captured a status that only 5% of the Kraft population ever achieves, for the second year in a row. “My career has skyrocketed since I’ve been working with Sonya!”

“Sonya believed in me. I owe much of my career path to her. She saw the future leader in me. She’s been a great helping hand. She was the bridge to the great things I’ve been able to accomplish. Without her coaching and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When things seemed overwhelming to me, Sonya has a way of simplifying it so I could see that it was possible. Sonya lives the value of winning together.”


Maria Christensen, Director of Quality Assurance
Total Quality Consulting Client for over 11 years

“Total Quality Consulting is a collaborative relationship-building recruiting firm – an entirely different business and service,” says Maria Christensen. “Sonya Belton has taken the time to get to know me and to know my company. I don’t have to pre-screen candidates from TQC. Sonya has done that on a number of levels. I have peace of mind because I know that any of the candidates she provides will be a good fit for our organization. Our job is then to just choose the best one.”

Focusing on learning about clients’ needs and building relationships is what sets Total Quality Consulting apart from the other industry recruiters. TQC uses a proprietary process that produces higher quality candidates for their exceptional clients. “If our clients don’t succeed, then neither do we,” says Doug Duong, President/CEO, Total Quality Consulting.

Maria says, “Commitment and value-added service – that’s how I describe the Total Quality Consulting experience. It’s a good fit for my placement needs.”


Jeff York, CEO, Coast Hills Credit Union
Total Quality Consulting Client for 18 Years

A random call from the President/CEO of Total Quality Consulting was the basis for a productive working relationship. “I’ve worked with other recruiters. They take too long and have a ‘shotgun’ approach to recruiting. Doug screens and vets candidates continually so when I call him, I have several highly-qualified candidates’ info in my hands in minutes, not days or months.” Business moves fast so when there’s a position to fill, that’s not the time to talk about needs and process. Doug, and the Total Quality Consulting staff, invest the time long before there is a need, getting to know potential clients, their organizations, and what is important. “Doug’s unique process evolves and is fresh. He stays current with industry trends and challenges. He’s relevant and he’s always gathering information and learning more to help me, and to help my credit union succeed.”


Cleve Masten, Executive Recruiter, Central Garden and Pet
Total Quality Consulting Client for over 6 years

“Total Quality Consulting has a boutique firm feel with a cost that’s equivalent to doing business with the “big” firms, and yet I receive so much more value and personal attention,” Cleve Masten says. “There’s a high sense of urgency. Sonya is available when I need her, and she is very connected with the field. She maintains an impressive spectrum of candidates, which provides peace of mind for me, from a risk point of view.

With a razor-sharp focus on the relationships with clients and candidates, Cleve likes that Sonya is more than a cell phone number. He sees her in the community, and at church. They are business partners, and they have become friends. “Total Quality Consulting isn’t a big, anonymous machine. They care about their clients and the success of their clients,” says Cleve.


Robert Moore, Plant Engineering Manager, Clorox
Total Quality Consulting Client for over 11 years

For Robert Moore, Total Quality Consulting is all about building relationships to make a great partnership. “I was employed on the West Coast and was looking to get back to the Mid-west. I had been working with another recruiter when Sonya Belton called me. A conversation started and a relationship was built. Sonya is very down-to-earth and really learned about me and what I wanted. And she provided the opportunity for me get back to the mid-west with a great company, and a great position.”

Robert, who has previously been placed by two other recruiters, says the TQC difference is the relationship. “Sonya is personable, she maintains confidentiality and she follows-up when she says she will. I know I can count on her.”

TQC is committed to high quality connections that fit an organization’s needs. The difference is gaining insights for both sides to ensure the fit is ideal. This translates to success for the client, the candidate and TQC. It’s a win-win-win thing.

“Ultimately, Sonya helps develop career ambitions,” says Robert. “She does a great job and continues to aggressively build out her network of clients within which to place people. She balances the recruitment expertise vs the placement expertise well.”


Lisa Harlow, Chief Human Resources Officer, Coast Hills Credit Union
Total Quality Consulting Client for 18 years

“The relationship is what makes the difference,” says Lisa Harlow, “and Doug knows how to do relationships well.” So many of Doug Duong’s clients talk about the value of their relationship and how that makes all of the difference. Doug genuinely cares about the work, and also about the person – something that in the 21st Century can be difficult to find.  “Doug’s mode of operation is completely different than other recruiters. He is collaborative and is a conduit for good people. He can have frank conversations with employers and with candidates. He ensures a good fit and is able to move quickly so searches don’t take as long as with other recruiters. That gives me peace of mind and saves money and resources.”


James Hamilton, Director of Human Resources, Del Monaco Foods
Total Quality Consulting Client for 6 years

TQC’s exclusive recruiting process is unique to the industry. “They didn’t send me all of their candidates just in case it was a fit. TQC understands who we are and what we are looking for. Other headhunters and recruiters just don’t take the time to learn,” James Hamilton said. “Total Quality Consulting saves me time. Because they know who we are and what we are looking for there’s no pre-screening necessary on my part. They listen, they understand, and they deliver. Period.”

James Hamilton has worked with TQC’s Mike Goleco, and because of the deep working relationship they have built, James has referred colleagues who have partnered with Mike.